There would appear to be three factions pulling in different

« We call for immediate measures to ensure the protection of freedom of expression and address acts of harassment, intimidation, interference, undue restriction and threats against those reporting on the protests, » the experts said. »We welcome actions taken by the Government against the racist incident, but we urge it to take immediate steps to protect Veronica Koman from any forms of retaliation and intimidation and drop all charges against her so that she can continue to report independently on the human rights situation in the country, » they said.The experts stressed that restrictions on freedom of expression not only undermined discussion of Government policies, but also jeopardised the safety of human rights defenders reporting on alleged violations.Protests have been increasingly taking place in Papua and West Papua since mid August over alleged racism and discrimination and amid calls for independence. »These protests will not be stopped by an excessive use of force or by cracking down on freedom of expression and access to information, » the UN experts said. »We urge the Government of Indonesia to recognise the rights of all protesters and to ensure continuation of the internet service. We welcome the restoration on 4 September of the internet in almost all of Papua and West Papua provinces. »The internet had been disconnected completely on 21 August in various parts of both provinces on the grounds of restoring security and order, with the aim of preventing the spread of « rumours » or « hoaxes » during protests. »Restrictions of the internet and on access to information in general have a detrimental impact on the ability of individuals to express themselves, and to share and receive information. On the other hand, access to the internet contributes to preventing disinformation and ensuring transparency and accountability, » the experts said.The UN experts have previously expressed their concerns to the Government of Indonesia and are continuing to urge it to engage in genuine dialogue with the protesters.() The UN experts: Mr.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping But a campaign which china jersey wholesale has seen thousands sign a petition over the future of Friary Grange has led to a stay of execution while all options are explored further.Now the Bishop of Lichfield, The Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave, has written to one of the founders of the group campaigning to save the facility giving his backing to the cause.closure would seem to me to be the wrong decision, given the way that The Friary not only serves to promote physical health and well being, but also serves as a focus of community gathering. »He applauded Mrs Fellows determination and noted the « remarkable mobilisation of public support » for the campaign group.Matt Wilson, who set up the petition against the closure, said: « To receive the unequivocal support of a public figure authentic nfl jerseys china like the Bishop is a fantastic boost to our campaign and we hugely grateful to is in stark contrast to the complete silence of our MP Michael Fabricant who has so far failed to respond in any way to our appeals for his help in keeping this vital community asset open for his constituents. »A volunteer wrote this. Say thanks with a coffee.There would appear to be three factions pulling in different directions over this facility. The County Council, the District Council and the school. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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